TGI Monday

In my previous post I mentioned that Downtown was Laid Back. Little did I know that my walk to the Riverside Arts Market on Saturday would provide me with photographic proof (above).

I’ve lived in the urban core of Jacksonville, Florida since 1997. Most of those years in the award winning Riverside-Avondale, but more recently in America’s Number One Comeback, Springfield and now Downtown. One of the best things about living in the core of Jacksonville is the pace. You can bike most places safely thanks to our Riverwalk, our arts and cultural events are mostly inclusive and accessible. New missions and orgs pop up all the time. In fact, if you haven’t checked out CoRK yet, give them a follow. You’ll be glad you did.

In the last several years I’ve notice huge increases in the number of bikes, boards, and boats on our river’s edge. Have you been out there lately? One of my jobs is to make sure everyone knows about all the great things Downtown, and there is no better place to start, in my opinion, than our St. Johns River.

So as we work on new campaigns and initiatives (and there is a lot cooking!), I’ve got one thing stuck in my mind. Get them to the river! Let folks enjoy one of the best urban waterways in America with traditional perpendiculars to excellent neighborhoods. But don’t wait for events, there are opportunities day and night to do your own thing on the river.

When I first started at RAM, I would sometimes say, “If you don’t like all the farm fresh local produce, and you don’t like our variety of 100 or more local artists, and fresh artisanal foods prepared in front of your eyes aren’t your thing, then maybe the live music or world-reknown magicians and buskers can make it worth your while. But if none of that does it for you, simply sit down by the river and watch it flow North. If none of that is satisfying to you, check your pulse.”


2 thoughts on “TGI Monday

  1. I can feel the pulse and am excited to be part of such a fun emerging city. We are looking forward to moving downtown. We are launching a social enterprise that will employ and empower ex-felons through creative endeavors to become contributing members of our community. We are designing a innovative space, that will bring hands together to creatively heal. All sorts of exciting plans!!

    Fun to be part of the beating PULSE…

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