Go Skate Hemming!

The proliferation of public events held on private and public property Downtown is certain to be one of the biggest stories in 2012.

Saturday’s food truck rally and upcoming events brighten the corners of Downtown and crush the myth of the urban core’s nothing-to-do-ness.

Each great event will go down in lore but if you don’t come out and enjoy them you will have to settle for facebook, blog and twitter updates, which are really no fun at all when you can be there!

Next Thursday will be the Grandaddy of them all in terms of Action Sports. Kona Skate Park & PB&J are converting our beautiful and historic Hemming Plaza into a skate park for international Go Skateboarding Day!

The eyes of the skate world will be watching Jacksonville and I for one think the slam dunk success of this event will spur more action events Downtown and build on the growing reputation of Downtown as the greatest place to bring people together. And a large tip of the hat towards Mayor Brown and his Office of Special Events to see the value in such a great event.

Alas, you must be present to win! Make it Downtown for this FREE after work event next Thursday the 21st. I promise you’ll be completely impressed!


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