Make Every Weekend Your BWE!

This probably won’t come as a shock to many, but I am an advocate for Downtown Jacksonville. Sure, it is in my title, Director of Downtown Engagement and I’ve been known to get excited about things happening on the river and the Skyway and what not. Sometimes my advocacy is part of my job and sometimes its just because I can’t help but being proud of all the amazing things happening around here. I live and breath Downtown Jax.

So a couple months ago while I was stretching out for a walk on the Riverwalk, and listening to some Trombone Shorty, I thought, man, we are about to have the BIGGEST WEEKEND EVER with the US Soccer Mens National Team set to play Scotland before the largets crowd to ever see them in the south, and our epic Jacksonville Jazz Fest (among other events).

My thought was, at the time, that we need to capture the energy of that weekend because it will really be a great (albeit hyperbolic) way to expose how awesome our quality of life is here on the first coast. At the time this idea came to me while I was working for Keymer and when the filming of the BWE happened I had already started at the JAX Chamber. So anyhow, I pitched Visit Jacksonville who liked the idea and had a bit of a budget, so I introduced them to DVA and work began immediately. Obviously hundreds of thousands of jazz fans and literally thousands of kilts made for a heck of a short film. We decided to follow “visitors” and well, you can watch it above. I think it is a great example of how fun it can be Downtown, and even if it is not like Memorial Day Weekend, every weekend, it is still pretty darn awesome.

Here are some quotes that make me feel good from Visit Jacksonville’s facebook:

“This is great. I’ll share it with my clients outside of Jacksonville. Very nicely done by the way.”

“Nicely done! Great job capitalizing on a spectacular weekend. Congrats”

“We Love it!! They “didn’t get away from anything, they got away to EVERYTHING!”

“Fabulously done!”

YEAH! – Tony 

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