Yep. That was just a sleepy Thursday Downtown.

The above video is courtesy of Content Design Group. You probably know them as the official design firm of Downtown’s New Front Door.

So yesterday was just another ho hum epic day Downtown. In an unprecedented yet phenomenally successful move, the folks behind Kona Skate Park (the longest running skate park in the world! Right here in Jacksonville) threw a massive skate party in our beautiful Hemming Plaza to benefit their forthcoming Kona School. Please take a minute to click and read about Kona School. 

Not since President Nixon’s 1960 address at Hemming Plaza have so many people gathered on a balmy summer afternoon. Unless you count Jazz Fest  last month. I digress. Words can’t describe the scene Downtown yesterday. So many skaters rolled in from all directions Downtown it gave the impression that our sidewalks were very fast conveyor belts.

Apart from the exceptional turn out on a school night I was excited to see such a diverse crowd, great laid back behavior, and that coveted demographic: beach people. Moms and kids poured out of the Skyway and fans got to see real pro skaters a good deal of folks got into the mix. If you couldn’t make it due to lameness, I leave you with some snaps I took of the event. Not including the one’s the Times Union took of me approaching the event! 

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