Our Sleepy Downtown


There are some great new photos at the City’s Jazz Fest Facebook. You should like their page. I know you really love it. Just another boring weekend Downtown. Yawn.

Jazz Fest, Fourth of July, the Symphony, the Jaguars, the Suns, food truck rallies, skate day, the fair, World of Nations, The Great Pirate Party,  Eat Up Downtown are excellent yearly events and Art Walk is a huge draw monthly and the Florida Theatre has a couple events each week, but this isn’t even scratching the surface.

What are your favorite events or past times Downtown?


One thought on “Our Sleepy Downtown

  1. Tony, I love to watch the fireworks. And visit Friendship Fountain. It’s even better when I can combine the two. The Fair is definitely fun — the piggy races, but the expo, too. Walking past the livestock reminds me of growing up.

    Art Walk is a lot of fun, but mostly, I like walking down the street seeing friends. Whether it’s Art Walk night or the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, I feel at home when I see people I know.

    Oh, and I definitely pass the time by looking at buildings. And taking photos. The paparrazi has nothing on me when it comes to a Klutho structure.

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