Art Walk is tonight. ACT BUSY! – UPDATED

Did you know that this is the 105th Art Walk?  Hey that is 501 backwards. Hmmm. Anyway, way back before there were even Stormtroopers at Art Walk organizers used to wonder,  will come out?

As the event has grown, it has become a great way to make sure retailers have rent at the beginning of the month. Its not really a question of if they will come, but more so how many will come. The answer is always the same. Lots. Your support of the Art Walk has made a huge economic impact and with that powerful impact, Art Walk has given back numerous things to do and ways for the community to get involved.

A quick glance at tonight’s Art Walk shows 40+ venues. Each of these venues is open during the month at some time so it is a great way to see many facets and assets of our vibrant Downtown. I also count way more than 100 local artists on the flyer (PDF), but many of the venues have multiple artists as well. If you could see hundreds of artists at a free event in the heart of the city would you go? I sure hope so!

And don’t worry about rain. If for some reason we get lucky enough to have rain, put on a positive face and remember rain is nature’s crowd control. It makes for a cozy and unhurried Art Walk. Its easier to make new friends on a rainy Art Walk. It is also easier to park, order drinks and dinner, and if the crowds aren’t massive maybe that artist friend you just made will give you a rainy day discount. Or maybe not! But either way, please come Downtown tonight. Bring your kids, or bring your mom, or bring your buddies, or bring your buddies’ moms. Art Walk certainly has something for everyone. It is a great time feel the Downtown vibe. Don’t miss it.

See you on the streets!



Art Walk, once again had rain right at 5 PM. I’m sure many people are on the fence whether or not to come out to Art Walk, then, right when they clock out, it starts pouring. If say half of the people decided not to come Downtown last night because of a little rain, then I’m sort of glad. Because it was PACKED out anyway. My favorite stops last night were (in no particular order)

Jen Jone’s Gallery in the Wells Fargo Center (amazing collection of local talent)

Underbelly – Finally got to see L. Gustavo Cooper’s Festival Favorite The Velvet Road

MOCA – Project Atrium with Stormtroopers checking it out was epic

Hemming- Excellent collection of locals including Jason Wright

Snyder Memorial – Somebody let a funk band in church!

Crash the Satellites at the legendary Florida Theatre was awesome too!

There were also 35 more venues! If you aren’t doing Art Walk each month, I can say without hesitation, you are completely missing out. Here are some snaps:

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