Setting a Downtown Agenda.

Things are about to get all Downtowny around here. This week will be a huge week (hopefully) for Downtown as we are expecting (anxious and hopeful) the Downtown Investment Authority to pass. And since it was a Mayoral initiative and idea, Mayor Brown will probably sign it right away. And since people have been anticipating this for a while we should hit the ground running very soon with the selection of board members and crucially, a director. We have needed a deal maker Downtown for some time. Our housing is at capacity and we need more. We need to recruit the world to our excellent grid, our lovely St. Johns River, our historic buildings, our free Skyway, and our unmatched Riverwalk.

The cost barriers to entry are low and the energy is high. We are ripe for a Richard Florida visit!

So as we see weeks and weeks of more positive Downtown headlines don’t forget to actually come see us!

The photo above is an excellent resource for checking out our Downtown. It shows or for mobile. This super fast site is perfect for what you need when you need it (now).

You can just scroll down and see todays events even! No app download needed, just visit via your browser. A big pretty version is available for you old schoolers with computers and iPads as well.

You know what else you will find? Lots of things to do.

Check out these ITINERARIES from Downtown Vision. Included are awesome tips for kids and families including one that is totally FREE!

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