All Eyes on Downtown


Did you see this article about Florida Coastal School of Law checking out Downtown as a place to create student housing? That would be a huge score. Smart post grad college kids would really help an already vibrant and busy scene. There are rumblings of more than one college scoping out Downtown as well (there always is). I think schools would get a lot out of Downtown’s car free lifestyle and walkability.

One would imagine that any school with a large group of students would have to build new or revitalize a historic building (yeah!) because frankly the apartment product is so robust there is a waiting list at most buildings. That is a very good thing.

You know what else is good? Free Skyway. Skyway ridership is up so much that the JTA has decided to keep it free for another 13 months. The Skyway is convenient to about 90 restaurants and about 3000 residents. If you plot out your trip there are a ton of places you can go as well.

You can also take the Skyway to Community First Saturdays (rare weekend operation!). More on that later, I have to run to this.

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