If you’re not familiar with One Spark 2013, it’s a 5-day event for fellow passionate folks like yourselves (musicians, artists, scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, leaders, etc) to show off what they’re working on to the public and get support and funding from people attending the event who vote for their project. There’s a $250,000 crowdfund that will be divided up to all the entrants based on the percentage of the total votes they receive.

We’re coming down to the wire on this Kickstarter campaign and if we don’t reach the $90,000 mark, One Spark will not get the funding it needs to cover the operational costs. It’s about momentum over money at this point. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

I care deeply about the potential of the city and even more about people like you in our community. Every time I go to meetups and chat with new people about things they’re working on, I get even more optimistic about our potential to collectively turn Jacksonville into the city we all want it to be. It’s happening right in front of us… All the raw materials are there, the right ideas and the right people, we just need to all pull together in one direction right now and show ourselves and everyone around the world that we’re ready for this. That you personally care enough to make this happen right now. To not wait for someone to make this happen, but to do it for ourselves.

So the next response is usually, well what I can I do? I’m only one person but I want to see this happen:

Donate just $10 and share with this campaign with your friends and family on Facebook/Twitter. In reality, if just 1% of Jacksonville shows up and donates just $10. We’ll raise more than enough money to make this happen.

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