On Doing Little Things Downtown





I’ve been working so hard on this Community First Saturdays event that I’ve not take a lot of time for this blog. Sometimes blogs get neglected because there is not much to write about. Downtown Jacksonville is the opposite. There is a TREMENDOUS amount of stuff going on. Major things like free events with gold medal winners and bridge closings, the biggest Landing event of the year, and half marathons that run through the whole thing. And that is just this weekend. People who talk about a dead Downtown have clearly never attempted to enjoy it.

With all of these things falling in to place and major announcements almost daily, you can imagine many people taking a sit back and watch it happen attitude. Not Downtown. We push the limits. We pick up the cones from the last event/project/program and immediately start on the next one. HISPANIC ART WALK IS TONIGHT!

There are a lot of ways to take part in the projects big and small. When asked recently to cater a film crew on a local scary short film, a Downtown restaurant that I’m a part of, threw in a catering for mention in the credits. That film, Velvet Road, is now showing at film festivals all over the world! It turned out to be an excellent film, and our brand is getting seen in places we’ve never dreamed of. In fact, they’ve just won their first film festival, the Chicago Horror Film Festival. That small catering investment in local arts and culture has paid off big time.

There is an opportunity to make something big happen right now. And you don’t have much time. Please, go right now, and invest in One Spark. Anything you can give will help. They have passed third and are preparing to slide home. I bet they hit their goal and One Spark becomes the massive event the community and Downtown has been waiting for. But it would be a shame that they would make it happen without your contribution. Even if they’ve hit their goal, donate. You’ll get cool recognition and even stuff. But what you’ll really enjoy about the return on your investment is that Downtown Jacksonville will be ALIVE with art and creativity this spring in an event that whole world will take notice.

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