Downtown Resources


You know what was the hottest topic for 2012 was? Well if you aren’t Myan it was Downtown.

When I started this blog, I wanted to relate my work with the JAX Chamber and give some insight into what was happening with me, my job (Director of Downtown Engagement), and with Downtown in general.

There is a tremendous amount of stuff going on and now we’ve got so many ways to access that stuff, I feel this blog needs a bit of a hiatus.

So let me point out my top 3 resources for information on Downtown Jacksonville:

1. Downtown Vision – Downtown Vision’s website is a crucial tool for building your plans Downtown. Whether you are looking for a bite to eat, a great concert, download the Art Walk map or something bigger (like where to live) is the single best resource for all things Downtown. And don’t forget their mobile app at Its one  click away from anything you need to get started.

2. Dig Downtown Jax – If Downtown Vision’s page is what is happening, then Dig Downtown Jax is what happened? There are thousands of people who call Downtown home, and tens of thousands who spend most of their time Downtown because that is where they work. This leads to LOTS of stories. Downtown Jacksonville has something going on every day and every weekend. Get caught up on what went down Downtown by tuning into Dig Downtown Jax.

3. – When you want breaking news about Downtown, I suggest heading to the paper who has had beat reporters on the ground for 100 years. Get daily updates on the city core. From development to governmental news the Daily Record has you covered.

If you read these three pages every day you’ll be squared away. If you wish to talk to me directly just send an email at or meet me down at Community First Saturdays!

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